We've always been more than a food bank.

There are countless pathways in and out of hunger. Our four additional assets - Urban Farms, Produce Prescription Program, Prepared Foods, and Food Hubs - have been working hard alongside the Foodbank for years.

But how do we tell that story to the public?
How do we shift the dialogue about hunger to make it about the system as a whole?

Our process

A human-centered service design approach to branding


understand observe




internal launch
external launch

our process


Fresh & Smart Futures

A Stylescape is a curated collection of images, textures, typography, and colors that communicate a certain look and feel. It defines the visual direction.

Guiding Words

Words, just like lettuce in a salad, make up the base of how we grow and support in this world, across our communities, down the street, and in our neighborhoods.

We asked internal stakeholders, external customers, volunteers, donors, and other supporters for words that describe the passion, heart, and intellect behind what we do, who we are, and what we will be.

We used these word to inspire our work.


We can tell our story by creating a mark that could be used as an educational tool.

The "iceberg" mark is coupled with a modern and friendly typeface.
The iceberg honors the history of emergency feeding in food banking by being a symbol of what people can do with a foundation for their dinner plate.
The mark goes deeper with 4 essential educational tools: (1) 5 Leaves, 5 Assets; (2) Anchoring the brand in fresh - rolling hills; (3) Anchoring the brand in smart - pathways; (4); Centered on community response - tree.
Additionally, a naming convention was created for all five assets: Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Mid-Ohio Farm, Mid-Ohio Farmacy, Mid-Ohio Kitchen, and Mid-Ohio Market.

The Foodbank is now a part of a

Each asset of Mid-Ohio Food Collective will use the "crown" leaf as an identifier. This will provide us with the opportunity to tie it back to the collective while elevating each asset in the market.

House of Brands