the foodbank now has a collective.

We’re changing the look to change the conversation.

We’ve always pushed traditional food banking forward, constantly learning, growing, and innovating to better meet the needs of our customers. At our core, Mid-Ohio Foodbank serves as an emergency food resource for our hungry neighbors.

And, while some of our work stays the same, 40 years later,
our perspective has evolved.

Watch the full logo release video.


why now?

Since 1980, feeding our hungry neighbors has been our mission.

Over the decades, we've learned that hunger goes beyond the dinner plate
- a car breaking down, losing a job, combating racism, finding affordable housing, or earning a decent wage.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Mid-Ohio Farm, Mid-Ohio Market, Mid-Ohio Farmacy, and Mid-Ohio Kitchen
work together to address the social determinants of health that place, and often keep, our neighbors in poverty.

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective is about rolling our sleeves and meeting our neighbors where they are.

One morning, there was an internal call for volunteers for our on-site pantry, as more families had shown up than expected. 

As the families began shopping, we saw that each and everyone had a head of lettuce in their cart. Lettuce can be the foundation for a healthy meal, but it is what our customers do with it that makes it nourishing. That morning we heard countless stories that reminded us of the creativity and resourcefulness of our customers.

Like a head of lettuce, the Mid-Ohio Food Collective serves as a foundation for stronger, vibrant communities through traditional and innovative food banking. 

We knew the new logo had to reflect that…and more.

Our Inspiration
OUR design process

Learn more about how we got there.

Our process: including research to understand perceptions, impressions, and judgements around food assistance, including our team and stakeholders, and meeting with brand experts.

The Meaning

The Meaning

Our work is bigger than all of us.

The logo, inspired by our customers and a FRESH perspective, conveys multiple meanings.

As a learning organization, we work hard to be SMART about every element, making sure it tells a story on its own. 
The Lettuce

We know that food is health and that good food can lead to thriving, healthy lives.
Our logo is inspired by a head of lettuce, the base of a nourishing meal.

It’s our goal to provide fresh food to families in need. Representing a rising sun over rolling hills symbolizes our hope for hunger-free communities.
Five Leaves

Each of the five leaves represents one of our five assets - Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Mid-Ohio Farm, Mid-Ohio Market, Mid-Ohio Farmacy, and Mid-Ohio Kitchen. Combined, they make a versatile and impactful collective working toward ending hunger.

We must also be smart - we know poverty is not easy to escape. With a data-driven community response, we can meet our hungry neighbors where they are, offering pathways for when ‘life happens.’

The negative space represents the tree of life, showcasing the partnerships we nourish, to strengthen our work. We can only do this work together.

Our Inspiration

To reflect our evolving strategic direction and apply our customer-centric innovation, we are updating our brand...a brand that tells the holistic story of our work from both SMART and FRESH perspectives; a catalyst to change the conversation; and a commitment to deliver exceptional customer value.

We are humbled to do this work, and proud to introduce an updated look, new logo, and streamlined naming for all of our assets.